C6. Strategic silvicultural actions for the prevention of great forest fires in Pinus nigra forests

Prevention work involves the implementation of strategic management points  innovative silvicultural prevention treatments and prescribed burning with the objective to promote black pine forest structures resistant and resilient to great forest fires and that, above all, reduce fire intensity that may occur in the area.

Specific Objectives

  1. Reduce the risk of great forest fires in black pine habitats by taking action at strategic management points, considered as areas where this habitat has favorable ecological conditions as well as special interest, whether it be for the presence of lone stands or for mature structures of biodiversity interest.
  2. Obtain black pine forest structures that guarantee ideal fire behavior for extinction as well as control, and which avoid the generation of high intensity fires that propagate in the canopy.


The project planned a total of 65ha, spread across the pre-Pyrenees and central region and the southern region. After the Action 3, a total of 81,24ha have been selected.  From the total, one part is mechanized, and the other part with prescribed burning, made directly by the partner DINT. Some stands are located outside the ZEC, in strategic management points for wildfire prevention, called areas of influence (A.I.). ZEC distribution and their status of implementation are shown in Table 1:

Table 1. Distribution and status of actions C6 according Conservation program

Area (ha) State
pre-Pyrenees and central ES5130029 Serres de Queralt i els Tossals-Aigua d’Ora (A.I.) 41,94 41,94 Finalized
pre-Pyrenees and central ES5130027 Obagues riera de Madrona(A.I.) 15,24 15,24 Finalized
southern ES5140009Tivissa-Vandellòs-Llaberia 10,92 10,92 Finalized
southern ES5140011 Sistema Prelitoral Meridional 13,14 13,14 Finalized









Figure 1. Prescribed burning in the undergrowth of Pinus nigra for fire prevention in Serres de Queralt i els Tossals-Aigua d’Ora