Networking: The LIFE Kedros project visits the LIFE Pinassa

From October 16 to 19, representatives of the LIFE Kedros project traveled to Catalonia to visit  different areas of action of LIFE Pinassa and exchange views on sustainable forest management for the conservation of priority habitats. The LIFE Kedros project – Integrated conservation management of priority habitat type 9590 * in the Natura 2000 site Koilada Kedron-Kampos shares thematic with LIFE Pinassa, so the visit has served to network and exchange synergies strengthening ties and knowledge.


The group during the visit to Montsagre d’Horta (tm d’Horta de Sant Joan). Source: Natural Park of Ports

During the first day, the group visited the Natural Park of Ports to discuss the protection of mature forests and the improvement of biodiversity in degraded forests with an irregular structure. Jordi Camprodon, technician of the CTFC, led the visit.

On the second day, the group visited the Natural Park of Montserrat, where they focused the discussion on the recovery of pine forests affected by large fires. In this case, the visit was directed by Josep Maria Fabra of the Fundació Catalunya- La Pedrera.

On the last day of the visit, the visits were centralized in the Solsonès region, where the CTFC has its headquarters. With David and Noemí Palero of the CPF, the group had the opportunity to debate on how to improve the habitat of pine trees in young and dense forests with high risk of fire, as well as in forests without regeneration and a very simplified structure.

In addition, by the hand of Miriam Piqué of the CTFC and Asier Larrañaga of the Fire Service of the Government of the Generalitat, the group also discussed about the prevention of large forest fires in pine forests and the use of  prescribed fire as a management tool , as well as the conservation of pine forests adapted to the natural fire regime.

Prescribed fire in strategic management areas for the prevention of large forest fires (Solsonès) Source: Bombers


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