Sweden workshop

On 24th and 25th October 2017, we presented the Life + Pinassa project at the workshop “Forest fire history and restoration” at the Mid Sweden University in Sweden.

On the first day, various talks were held on active forest management in protected areas, adaptation of forests to low intensity fire or forest restoration. The assistants came from the university, administration and companies from countries such as Finland, Sweden or Spain.


Pere Casals during the Life+Pinassa presentation


The second day we visit Mo-Langsjön Nature Reserve where low intensity fire is being applied as a conservation tool (within the Life + Taiga project) and then we visited a mature Pinus sylvestris forest located in a rocky and remote area at the coast in Fänon where we could observe several fire scars and discuss the existence of historical fires.

As a whole, the workshop served to bring together two regions with very different forest (Boreal vs. Mediterranean) but with similar management objectives for conservation.


Visit to Mo-Langsjön Nature Reserve

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