In this section you will find transference material created during the project, which brings together the main management recommendations for treatments that will guarantee habitat conservation and improvement in Pinus nigra forests. Application of better available techniques (BAT) and Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) make conservation compatible with the rest of the forests’ functions (socioeconomic and recreational).


Conservation actions

C1. Conservation and value assignation to lone stands of Pinus nigra

C2. Silvicultural actions to improve the habitat in young dense forests with little vitality, low structural diversity and elevated fire risk

C3. Silvicultural actions to improve the habitat in mature forests without regeneration, with simplified structure and low diversity

C4. Improvement of the structure, maturity and biodiversity of intesively exploited and degraded forests with irregular structures

C5. Recuperation of Pinus nigra stands in areas affected by fire

C6. Strategic silvicultural actions for the prevention of great forest fires in Pinus nigra forests

C7. Conservation of adult Pinus nigra forests adapted to natural fire regime


Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

Creation of the Expert Advisory Committee for technical monitoring of actions

Ecological monitoring of conservation actions


Dissemination actions

Guided tours, transfer workshops and edition of information material in small format

Scientific and technical communications in sectoral conferences and writing of articles


Divulgation material

Leaflet of the LIFE Pinassa’s project 

Explanatory board of the singular stands preservation actions

Explanatory board of the management actions for conservation

Explanatory board of the fire management actions and post-fire regeneration