Areas of operation


Of the whole Catalan surface area covered by this habitat, totaling 23,058 ha (35%), 28 of the recognized Special Areas of Conservation (formerly SCI) in the Catalonian Natura 2000 network coincide with pine forest habitats.

In order to carry out conservation action, 10 SAC have been selected, covering 13,523 ha of the total surface area of habitat 9530* (58.5% of the surface area of the habitat is in 9 SAC), of which adds up to a small lone stand which is not mapped in the SAC of the Serres de Cardó-el Boix; in total, the 10 SAC shown are the following:

The total surface area of habitat 9530* in Spain is 281,806 ha, according to the Spanish Habitat Atlas (March 2005). In Spain, the total surface area covered by Pinus nigra subsp. salzmanni dominant forests is about 625,000 ha (SECF, 2010. Situació dels boscos i del sector forestal a Espanya. Report 2010). In Catalonia, black pines cover a significant amount of the surface area; there are 66,304 ha of pure forest and 79,798 ha of mixed forests where it is the dominant species.