Finished the C5 action in the Can Maçana farm of the Fundació Catalunya la Pedrera

During the month of May the last phase of the work planned in the action C5 in Can Maçana has been completed. Seed sowing has been carried out using 3 different methodologies: sowing with tractor, sowing with shovel, sowing seeds randomly and sowing with the methodology of nengo-dango. All sowing sites have been mapped and georeferenced (more than 200 control points have been established), in order to be able to follow the different methods, and see which ones have been most successful. In total, it has been planted on an area of ​​8.32ha, and used 4 kg of seed selected by Forestal Catalana of areas of Catalonia where the genetic variant is very similar to the one in Can maçana. Sowing and planting work has been done by the company Social Forest SL.

This work is complemented by the clearing of undergrowth around the feet of pines made in spring and autumn to help the seed that fell from the tree during spring have more options to germinate and plantation of 3000 samplings in the same area. After a very favorable rainfall in autumn, winter and early spring, it has been shown that the vast majority of plants have had a good response and were seen with new sprouts, and this year in the area there has been a large production of pine cones by the pine trees.

The final objective of this action is to repopulate the pines of the area of ​​Can Maçana, which has been severely punished by the fires of the last decades and guarantee a new generation that gives continuity and possibility of expansion of this species.


Foto: Nengo-Dango. Clay dough mixed with natural fertilizer and pine seeds


Foto: Nengo-dango sowing around the control point.


Foto: Sowing with tractor


Foto: Sowing with tractor














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