Guided tours, transfer workshops and edition of information material in small format

In order to publicize the project and the specific actions to implement, it has been formated and edited a diptych with 500 copies (in Catalan). In digital format it has been translated and formated in Castilian and English.

In the framework of the XXXIII Jornades Tècniques Silvícoles Emili Garolera, which took place between April 8 and May 27, 2016, the Centre de la Propietat Forestal participated in two of them making known the LIFE + PINASSA project (Figures 1 and 2):

1) Workshop IV: Mount Alinyà: an example of planning that integrates forest management and conservation. On April 29, thirty technicians and forest owners attended the seminar where they could visit one of the activities related to the action C4, specifically rodal C4.01. During the visit, they could discuss extensively on the application of models ORGEST for irregular masses for copses and the feasibility of the implementation of biodiversity conservation measures.

2) Workshop V: From the manual to the stand: Adaptation of a Pinus nigra forest with box-tree under different management objectives, to the ORGEST models. Control of the box-tree and treatment of the cutting remains with fire. During the course of this conference, it was visited one of the actions related to the action C6, in which it could be demonstrated the improvement of vulnerability to fire of this mass after application of the treatment set out in the project LIFE +  PINASSA. This conference was held on May 6 and attended by 40 people (technicians, students and forest owners).












Figures 1 y 2. Jornades IV i V del 29/04/2016 (visita Acció C4) y 6/05/2016 (visita Acció C6 )

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