Ecological monitoring of conservation actions

This action tracks conservation actions implemented in the stands mapped and inventoried in the A1 action, following technical descriptions included in A2 program actions.

The aim is to assess the impact of the action on the structure of the habitat, biodiversity, vitality and vulnerability to large wildfires. This monitoring is based on the permanent inventory plots installed in the A1 action, as well as in other samples, complementary in space and time. Generally, tracking parameters are monitored at three points: before performances, right then and after a time (1 or 2 years).


Permanent plot in a C3 stand after performance


Transect for characterizing the shrubbery in a stand C7


Destructive sampling (take all the plant material in one square meter) to quantify forest fuel in a stand C6


Separating edaphic fauna in the laboratory (Actions C6)


Capture of moths in Bagastrell (C3)


Capture of bats


Mature Pinus nigra with bird listening station in the Ports of Tortosa

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