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Newsletter nº7

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The prescribed burnings for the prevention of large forest fires are finished

The 3 prescribed burns carried out within the framework of the conservation action have been completed. C7: Strategic silvicultural actions for the prevention of large forest fires in Pinus nigra forests. The locations where the works have been carried out

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The Life Pinassa will present a communication at the LIFE Red Bosques

The Life Pinassa project will participate in the debate within the Days of the Life Red Bosques through the presentation of a communication by Jordi Camprodon. The presentation will take place on Thursday, November 23 and will be titled: Active

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Begining of the technical manuals

Begining of the writing of the technical manuals The technical manuals are being prepared based on the LIFE Pinassa results and based on a literature review. They will deal with the following topics: – Good forest management practices and conservation

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End of the monitoring of the indicators

The monitoring of bioindicators of the forest stands where forestry improvement actions had been completed. – A team of 3 people has carried out transects in all the stands of the different actions in order to collect data from the

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Forest operations management and the conservation of biodiversity in black pine forests. The Life+PINASSA experience

Forest operations management and the conservation of biodiversity in black pine forests. The Life+PINASSA experience Document avalaible here

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Layman’s report

Layman’s report avalaible here

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Networking: The LIFE Kedros project visits the LIFE Pinassa

From October 16 to 19, representatives of the LIFE Kedros project traveled to Catalonia to visit  different areas of action of LIFE Pinassa and exchange views on sustainable forest management for the conservation of priority habitats. The LIFE Kedros project

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Sweden workshop

On 24th and 25th October 2017, we presented the Life + Pinassa project at the workshop “Forest fire history and restoration” at the Mid Sweden University in Sweden. On the first day, various talks were held on active forest management

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Networking: Black pine forests in Corsica

From July 25 to 30, a delegation from the Life Pinassa of Catalonia traveled to Corsica to interchange their experience in sustainable management and conservation of Catalan Black pine forests (Pinus nigra subps., Salzmannii var. Pyrenaica) with members of the

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