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The Forest Service of India visits the Life + PINASSA stands in Solsonès

In April, the Forest Service of India made a training trip with about 40 technicians, accompanied by Professor Dr. Rojas, from the UPV. At their stop in Catalonia, to find out about the Catalan forestry sector, they visited the stands

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Project coordination meeting at the CPF

This November 24th, the coordination meeting with all Life Pinassa partners took place at the CPF in Torreferrussa, where the following topics were discussed: Midterm Report 2016, External Audit and Progress report 2017. Status of conservation actions (C1-C7). Forecast of

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Newsletter nº5

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Bat boxes have been installed in different pine forests where improvements have been made or with a high degree of maturity

The goal is to increase good shelters for different species of bats, increasing populations of these threatened flying mammals. Lack of maturity and adequate shelters is one of the causes of the low densities of forest bats in these forests.

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Plantation works began in Montserrat

At the beginning of November, plantation works of pine trees began in Montserrat. This action is part of action C5: Recuperation of Pinus nigra stands in areas affected by fire This is a demo action for the applicability of black

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Master’s dissertation on Dead wood structures and tree microhabitats in Pinus nigra forests of varying managements histories in Catalonia

En the framework of the MSc European Forestry, Nicholas Sande has carried out his  master’s dissertation on Dead wood structures and tree microhabitats in Pinus nigra forests of varying managements histories in Catalonia. You can see the dissertation by clicking in

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Scientific and technical communications in sectoral conferences and writing of articles

In 2016, a technical communication has been drafted and published : – Farriol, R. et al. 2016. La Muntanya d’Alinyà: un exemple de planificació forestal que integra gestió i conservació. En: Tusell, J.M., Beltrán, M. (Coords.). 2016 XXXIII Jornades Tècniques Silvícoles

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Guided tours, transfer workshops and edition of information material in small format

In order to publicize the project and the specific actions to implement, it has been formated and edited a diptych with 500 copies (in Catalan). In digital format it has been translated and formated in Castilian and English. In the

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Ecological monitoring of conservation actions

This action tracks conservation actions implemented in the stands mapped and inventoried in the A1 action, following technical descriptions included in A2 program actions. The aim is to assess the impact of the action on the structure of the habitat,

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Creation of the Expert Advisory Committee for technical monitoring of actions

For the creation of the Expert Advisory Committee, a multidisciplinary line was followed from the beggining. The chosen experts are involved in projects with similar objectives in order to achieve maximum synergy and maximum effectiveness in advising the project. In 2015, people

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